2005 October


Checked out the play Blue Window last weekend. It was fabulous! My two favorites Arita Trahan and Stacey-Shaffer-Bishop were excellent as usual. The play is set as a dinner party, where Arita plays half of a lesbian couple. She told me before the play began that she had been doing her “homework” on being a lesbian by watching the L-WORD. Michael Roark did a fantastic job playing the lone gay male, Griever. (Not sure where he got that name from, though he did appear to be a tortured soul to some degree!) His blow dryer karaoke was something quite a few of us could relate to though. There were quite a few concepts to wrap around and before I could get a grasp of one idea another one was thrown into the mix. Needless to say, this is one play that will last past the final curtain call.

Dark and early Sunday morning we arrived to volunteer with TEP for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Walk. (Only to find out that the actual event didn’t start till 9:30 !) Fortunately, I DIDN’T need my beauty sleep! The event appeared to be quite the success as we dispensed water to the “what seemed like millions” of participates. It was a fairly decent day…that is till Hurricane Rita decided to blow through! (STILL, it could have been a lot worse, especially if it had been hot and sunny!) SOMEONE must have had a strange sense of humor, on the placement though, because the TEP volunteers were placed right next to the Second Grade Girl Scout Troop, however…it does show the times are changing. (And just for the record we did ‘smoke’ them in the dispensing of water, department!) Na-na-na…

Till next time….