2005 November


The AIDS Walk took place last month, with Kathy Matea headlining the event. There was a pancake breakfast, Starbucks and various booths set up around the Bi-Centenial Mall. Though I KNOW, Jeremy was seen wrestling Miss Tennessee for her crown, somehow, Kathy Matea ended up with it, wearing it proudly during her show. Was this merely a “fashion statement”?

There was also Octoberfest going on right down the street from the AIDS Walk. That was a huge success as well; it was a beautiful day for it. The food was quite tasty and the entertainment was amazing, especially Wall of Jules. They are outstanding, if you have never seen them, do yourself a favor and catch their next show.

The HRC Wildwest Showdown was quite a success again this year. Is there really anything quite like a yard full of gays walking around in their boots and cowboy hats? Looking all macho? Yes, I AM talking about the lesbians! It was alot of fun again this year, and for the $25 cover it was well worth it. I will say one thing though; I did expect to see the guys stay on the bull a little longer than they did. I thought they would be used to all that bucking. What’s up with that?

till next time….