2005 June


Well, Pride is upon us, so you KNOW I will be in the trenches, digging up the goods as usual … until then.

There is so much to tell this month. I have been getting around. Checked out the Nashville Dream’s opening night game. It was pretty exciting watching all those women running around tackling each other (reminded me of how I got my first date). I almost wore my cheerleading outfit, but didn’t want to take the attention off the game. Besides, how effective is a pyramid of one? If you haven’t seen a game yet, you need to go check one out. And, guys this COULD be your chance to dig out those old cheerleading outfits that you normally keep tucked away in the back of your closets (for that special someone), and let it rip! I did notice that they don’t have any cheerleaders on the sidelines. Games are on Saturday nights, check their website for a schedule.

Dined at the Melting Pot; now this restaurant can go either way. It can be one of the most romantic places to take your love, or it can also be an added lyric to the song, “50 Ways to Leave/Kill Your Lover.” You know, something like – “don’t heat the meat, Pete” – or, “touch that hot pot, Scott.” See how much fun this could be? Actually, if you have never been, then I suggest you go. It is definitely a unique dining experience. And I also learned to cook that night … any guinea pigs, uh …I mean VOLUNTEERS?