2005 July


Well, of course, I was combing the fields at Pride this year, just looking for an opportunity to come back with an award winning human interest story. As you can imagine, that didn’t happen. BUT, fortunately, I do have stories. Pride was huge this year (probably close to 13,000 folks were there)! If you don’t believe me, check out the Web site (www.outandaboutnewspaper.com) for the photo gallery.

The entertainment was excellent (on the main stage, ’cause I didn’t learn about the other stage till it was too late). Steff Mahan was kicking it in rolled up jeans and her Deana Carter no shoe-show was fabulously entertaining as always. Ro/Jo and Company were amazing in all their glory. They shared the stage with Jess Leary and Laura Darling from 2 Chix and a Drum. Laura was outstanding on the harmonica and she also did a mean rendition of Robert Plant’s song, "Been a Long Time." Crystal Waters was fantastic with her high energy show, complete with dancers (YES, even in that suffocating heat!). People brought their dogs out, although I do believe it was a little too hot for that (especially the one that was wearing the pink tu-tu), but…you know how we gays like to show off our ‘children!’ Once again, I would like to approach the subject of changing Pride to spring, because let’s face it folks, how proud are we when we are dripping with sweat!? It’s just not ‘macking’ weather!

The other excitement for this month was the launching of the Out and About Today television show. It has created quite a buzz. I have been fortunate enough to help with the show behind the scenes. It has been very exciting and very brave on the part of Channel 5+.

Jeremy, Pam and Brent are doing an excellent job hosting this groundbreaking show and giving it personality. You wouldn’t believe what it takes to create ‘personality’…right gang? Keep up the good work.

Till next time…