2005 December


Can you believe we are already into the Holiday Season…AGAIN?? Don’t you just love it? By the way, I shall be posting my gift list on my Web site soon. And, just to let you all know, I am registered ANYWHERE you feel like purchasing my present.

I checked out, BLING, The Humane Society Benefit at Spaces hosted by Robin Cohn. It was a HUGE success: the humane association already asked her to do it again next year. I am guessing about 200 peeps showed up. It looks as if at least one of the five dogs is going to be adopted, maybe more. The food, which was provided by Renee from Zola’s, was a big hit; people couldn’t stop raving about it. But, most importantly, everyone said they had a great time while they rose much needed funds for the humane association.

As MOST of you know, Artrageous was a HUGE success again this year. It WAS the place to be. Pam and I traipsed around trying to catch some interesting, “Artrageous Moments” for Out and About Today. This was my virgin voyage for Artrageous, and I have to say right here, that I was impressed. I am thinking next year, a group of friends, a limo and a couple of gallons of wine, and we will have a night to TRY to remember! I am sad to report that, once we got to the main party, we only stayed long enough to do some interviews and then we were out of there. So, I have no real trash-talk for you on that one.

One more quick note: The Boob Dialogues held at Lipstick Lounge. No, this was NOT the usual Jonda Show, in which she shows her breasts on Friday nights, right before breaking into a chorus of “Mustang Sally.” This was a frank discussion about breast cancer awareness. It was an entertaining and enlightening experience. They even had chair massages set up, with donations going to the event as well.

Till next time….