2005 August


Checked out the NOW Convention (NOW…as in …NOW is a good time to join!). ESPECIALLY since there were about 800 women at this convention alone! That could surely help ‘MY’ odds, wouldn’t you think? (I know, it’s ALL about me, me, me.) Jazzmyn sang at the Convention; she is ALWAYS brilliant! It’s hard to imagine that she is singing live! (She doesn’t NEED studio enhancements.) I have missed that woman’s voice, although it was good to learn that she does have her own CD out now. Also performing that might was Jonell Mosser, Mary Ann Brandon, Cathey Stamps, Cheley Tacket, Tammi Fowler and Annie Mosher. They were all excellent too, of course. Kim Gandy was re-elected as President for the next four years, hich appeared to make ALOT of women happy. (Maybe I should run for some type of office, huh? I did read that Bredeson needs a challenger and it shouldn’t be too hard to beat him, since his popularity has begun, a DOWNHILL SPIRAL! READ MY LIPS!! NO NEW TAXES AND NO TENN CARE FOR YOU! At least I would be good at creating the slogans and ‘trash-talking’!)

Went to the Carnival @ DeVils, a fundraiser for Nashville Storms and Shock, to help THEM get to San Diego ! Geez! Has ANYONE offered to help ME get to Californy (where I am sure my ‘big break’ awaits me)? They had a ‘Drag Race,’ which was quite different than anything Nascar has ever produced. This time, they had to run to each corner of the Volley Ball Court (four of them) and slip into a piece of clothing, men wore women’s clothes and women wore men’s clothes (NATURALLY!!). The first one totally dressed who reached the finish-line won. That was fairly hysterical, especially when, “blue shorts,” as I like to refer to her, bit the dust on the far right turn! I am sure she had sand, where the sun don’t shine! (Heehee) They also played volleyball, cooked hamburgers and hot dogs, and had several booths set up. At one in particular you could win a prize doing thngs I am not sure I SHOULD mention here; it was bad enough seeing ‘those things’… in the DAYLIGHT. There was live music and, to tell the truth, I am almost positive I saw Kenny Chesney. But then again…I was hanging out with the jello-shooter guys, sooo….imagine that!