11 Tennessee couples vying for your vote for their ‘Big Gay (Il)legal Wedding’

TennACLU 01.png

In December O&AN announced that the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) was running a nationwide contest called My Big Gay (Il)legal Wedding through Feb. 16. My Big Gay (Il)legal weddings teams the ACLU up with Tim Gunn to "highlight the unfair patchwork of state marriage laws and why it's so important for everyone to have the freedom to marry."

Voted on by the public, the top five couples will receive $5,000 for the best ideas for how they plan to cross state lines to get married. Although 11 Tennessee couples are competing, one East Tennessee couple, Megan Smith and Lindsey Wagoner, currently are in fifth place and need your votes to stay there and win.

At the beginning of 2014, Megan Smith and Lindsey Wagoner took to their blog at TN Marriage Equality, a group that they started last summer, to reflect upon their bout of discrimination when trying to escape to the North Carolina mountains for a romantic giveaway. It's only one instance of the digital age activists helping to bring the message of marriage equality in Tennessee. Aside from their website, blog and Facebook page, Smith and Wagoner also documented their attempt (and ultimate refusal) at obtaining a Tennessee marriage license.

Smith and Wagoner are planning a 'peacock and pearls' wedding but ultimately the couple just wants to highlight that marriage equality is important to Tennessee. So what are you waiting for? Vote now and every day (once per day) through February 16. And check out ALL the Tennessee couples (and vote for them too) here.